Local Isolator

  • Directly bolt on to the drive
  • Provides full electrical disconnect
  • Padlock able in the off position

The mains Isolator option for Optidrive P2 & HVAC Frame Size 4 & 5 provides a convenient method to allow electrical isolation of the drive directly on the drive itself. This can be especially useful where equipment may require periodic maintenance. The isolator has the facility to be padlocked in the off position, to prevent accidental activation.

Dimensions (mm) Optidrive Compatibility
Product Code Description Width Height Depth Weight (kg) P2 HVAC E2
OPT-2-ISOLO-S4 Local Isolator, Frame Size 4 170 173 80 -
OPT-2-ISOLO-S5 Local Isolator, Frame Size 5 230 235 100 -