Remote Keypads

  • Plug in remote mounting keypad
  • Provides real time operating information display and parameter access
  • OLED Multi Language Text Display available

Two types of remote mounting keypad are available for the Optidrive Range. These are Optiport 2 is a low cost, LED keypad, which mimics the drive display and keypad function. Optiport provides access to all drive parameters (which can be locked if required to prevent unauthorised access). Optiport also provides a remote display of drive operating information, such as output frequency and current, and can also display user defined scaled values, e.g. conveyer speed in metres per minute.

Optipad provides the same functions, whilst adding an OLED multi language text display. Up to three monitored values can be displayed simultaneously. All parameters are accessible, with the ability to lock access if required. Parameter names are displayed as plain text, with adjustments easily carried out. The following languages are supported:

English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish

English, German, Turkish

Dimensions (mm) Optidrive Compatibility
Product Code Description Width Height Depth Weight (kg) P2 HVAC E2 User Guide
OPT-2-OPORT-IN Optiport 2 with RJ45 Cable 81 66 26 - Optiport 2 with RJ45 Cable User Guide Download
OPT-2-OPPAD-IN Optipad Remote OLED Keypad with RJ45 Cable 110 90 18 - Optipad Remote OLED Keypad with RJ45 Cable User Guide Download
OPT-2-OPPAD-TU Optipad with Turkish language support 110 90 18 - -
OD-OPRTP-IN Optiport+ 81 66 26 - Optiport+ User Guide Download